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  1. back (the reverse side)

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A Reverso is a belay device developed and patented by Petzl, used for example in rock-climbing and other activities which involves rope-work. Another version of this device is the Reversino, intended for use with thinner ropes.
A Reverso can be used to belay the leader, one or two seconds, or a descender during rapelling. It can also be used in self-braking mode, to belay one or two seconds, if attached directly to the belay.
A Reverso is similar in design and use to an ATC when belaying a lead climber from below. A Rope passes through the reverso, through a carabiner attached to both the reverso and the belayers harness, and back through the same hole in the reverso. This creates the friction required to properly belay a climber.
When belaying a seconder from the top of a climb, the reverso is attached by a carabiner through the "extra loop" that an ATC does not have, to the anchors in the place of an italian hitch knot. Using this method, the device is self locking, and cannot be released without extra gear.
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